Dear Kara PH by Woman, Create returns with the "Blue" collection, birthed in a time of isolation due to quarantine. 

"Blue" contemplates the calmness in tumultuous waiting while yearning for beauty in this seemingly endless void of required isolation. What once were a series of discomforts, now comes a form of coping that seeks to restore fragments of who we are through treasures and trinkets, like the ones found in this specially-made handcrafted collection. Whether yearning to be confident or yearning for a life outside again, these pieces hope to be a source of calm beauty amidst calamity. 

This collection takes direct inspirations from historical artworks such as Katsushika Hokusai's "The Great Wave Off Kanagawa" (1820-31), which was an exploratory venture that reminds us the smallness of man over nature's power; and Vincent van Gogh "Starry Night" (1889), which was also made from a place of isolation. 


As what we can learn from van Gogh, beauty can be found in isolation and this starting collection echoes that wonder.