"Gold" begins 2021 with touches of opulence and risqué pieces ranging from the simplicity of silk textures to the complexity of Klimt's detailed craftsmanship. Inspired by Klimt's desire to create works that liberate audiences, this collection also intends that the wearer of such designs would feel a sense of liberation; of fearlessness in beauty. This collection also incorporates the inspired Japanese art method, "kintsugi," which marks broken pieces with goldleaf, symbolizing healing and beauty amidst brokenness. 

While 2021 holds many fears ahead, "Gold" hopes that this year be a time to thrive and to manifest healing and the lightness of being. 

This collection takes direct inspiration from Klimt and recreates 3 of his paintings, specifically, "The Kiss" (1908), "Judith and the Head of Holofernes" (1901) and "Danaë" (1908). Each design was given a modern twist inspired by abstraction. 


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