The Garden of Eve (2021), ArtDrop

5/5 of the "Coming Again" series, in collaboration with ArtDrop.

“The Garden of Eve” serves as the finale to this series and
re-imagines the Biblical Creation Story as an analogy to one’s return
to home. This is where we arrive when we allow ourselves to fully be
brave in the call to creativity.

The Garden of Eden has often been identified as a place where all
life springs forth because of its connection to the source, who is
boundless and infinite. In the original tale, this garden is ruined and Adam and Eve are cut from the source and then led to a barren
desert, unable to return home.

In this retelling, Eve is the Filipina who has spent many years
repressing her soul, but has found enlightenment, freedom, and
restoration while journeying in creativity. She has arrived, and
continues to become. She is likened to a swallow, known to never leave the sky, always flying and defying gravity. This is the new Eve,
she has come again - boundless and infinite.