The Studio


 Welcome to the Woman, Create Studio.

I'm Marika, founder of Woman, Create. I create art and design artisanal or original items. Intrinsic in my work are feminist values. Through visual art, there is an intention to reclaim the story of contemporary women and to spread further the purpose of feminism. 

Aside from making and selling art, I also initiate projects and non-profit events, specifically meant to advocate for feminism and other specific women issues. I also lead a small, empowerment raising feminist group called, The Feminist Book Club. Our goal to build an inclusive support group for women, to educate each other on feminist ideals and to find ways to process and express our feminist ideals to the Woman, Create community. Our main 2019 goal is to develop the first intersectional feminist podcast here in the Philippines. 

I am a certified International Baccalaureate (IB) Visual Arts teacher and have experience in teaching the Senior High School formally. This allows me to also initiate techniques-related classes. Future goals include developing online courses.  

Today, I open slots to help brands create more authentic, meaningful content founded on art and design principles, and build community. This involves the ff.:


Sample projects include: Book cover design, e-book layout, collage sets, and marketing collaterals 

The focus of my style relies on visuals that connote symbolism to generate meaning. It adheres to a more colorful palette, shifting from candy pastels to powerful vibrancy. Overall, my collages are both defined and abstract in order to capture the truths of our individual stories.  



Sample projects include: Watercolor portraitures, gold-leaf, figurative-surrealism, abstract painting, illustration, collage sets, zines

Portraitures provide a record of expression and capture identity. With the infusion of gold leaf, the attempt is to reclaim the stories of individual people and reforging them with the powerful medium of gold. 

My strongest work is in watercolor, but abstract and oil paintings can be commissioned as well. 




Sample projects include: Art workshops, creative talks, art exhibitions, performance art, community gatherings, advocacy/awareness campaigns, music gigs or shows, art fairs, art bazaars, intimate gatherings or affairs

Since 2015, I have been managing, planning and raising various events on my own, all in the hopes of proliferating the creative culture here in Metro Manila, Philippines.

Today, I open this offer to creatives, brands, and institutions who also aim to contribute in cultivating our local art scene and artists here in the Philippines. 

The following video features a quick glimpse of my Woman, Create Launch event back in 2015, which introduced art workshops, arts & crafts brands and performances.