About Woman, Create.

"Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable." 

The Story

Woman, Create is an art studio that focuses in art-making, design, independent publication and events, and advocacy for intersectional feminism (or 'everyday' feminism) for Filipinos. 

This tale in Art begins in darkness. 

Years ago, I grappled with being diagnosed of Endometriosis, a chronic disease in the reproductive system, which made me question my very value as a Woman. As life happened, my identity fell into an abyssal vortex, which somehow led me  to Art. This was how Woman, Create was birthed. 

Woman, Create began with an intention to meet a need - specifically the need for women to express, to create, but ultimately, to take the next step into courage. In the process of making Art, a discovery was kindled: that art could be a beacon of hope, a means to connect and an invitation to story. Our selfish act of creating becomes communal, shared to the point that the making and giving of art is, at its core, a selfless act.

Woman, Create aspires to tell and reclaim the stories of women through visual art, and encourages many who have found this community to do the same. Intrinsic of each work are deeply rooted feminist values, hinged on the divine. 

Today, Woman, Create aims to be cultural leader in developing creative spaces for Filipinos, while advocating for a feminism that can be relevant and transformative to Filipino people. While Art is not necessarily the solution to solving our sexist roots as a nation, it is a step towards many to come. Through the lessons we discover in the process of art-making, we are transformed. This transformation we experience can become the pivotal point in transforming the cultures around us. 

The world may insist that our brokenness defines who we are, but the truth is, it makes only a portion of who we are and what we could be. The journey propels us to always move towards transformation. This is how movements can ignite. 



 Works* of Woman, Create:

(*independent publication and events; community-building)

  • 365 Wonders Creative Planner (2015 - present)
  • 'EDITION:FEMINISM', a contemporary exhibit (Dec 2018), A SPACE GALLERY_
  • The Feminist Book Club (2017 - present)
  • HeforShe: Stand Together initiative by Woman, Create (July 2017)
  • HERE I AM, an open mic community gathering by Woman, Create (2016)
  • RISE by Woman, Create, an art gathering raising awareness on Rape and Domestic Violence (2016)
  • Woman, Create, a Wonder Woman Art Fair in FullyBooked BGC (April 2015)
  • Woman, Create Empowerment Launch (March 2015)


Notable Speaking Placements:

  • LeadersUnitePH: Luzon representing Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5: Gender Equality
  • Feminism for AEuSS Kapihan, Ateneo de Manila University
  • Pinay & Proud (guest speaker), MINT College
  • Blooming Women of IT for Animagraphika, St. Scholastica’s College
  • Art Activist for a Day, Assumption College
  • HerStory 2: Glass Ceiling (guest speaker)
  • TEDxiACADEMY, Discovering Courage and Empowerment through Art, Official TEDx speaker 
  • ACLE for UP Lingua Franca, University of the Philippines