Dear Woman, create.

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Contemporary Tales of Women

Within the creation process, the discovery of feminist values is intrinsic in the work.

Shifting from the figurative and the surrealist; the abstract and the clear, the intention to reclaim the story of women is pronounced through the visual, contemporary medium. 



"We all need doses of art, magic, and hope in our lives, no matter what kind of paths we walk."

Shin Kitane, Feminist Book Club

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"Imagine living in a world where there is no domination, where females and males are not alike or even always equal, but where a vision of mutuality is the ethos shaping our interaction. Imagine living in a world where we can all be who we are, a world of peace and possibility. Feminist revolution alone will not create such a world; we need to end racism, class elitism, imperialism. But it will make it possible for us to be fully self-actualized females and males able to create beloved community, to live together, realizing our dreams of freedom and justice, living the truth that we are all 'created equal.' Come closer. See how feminism can touch and change your life and all our lives. Come closer and know firsthand what feminist movement is all about. Come closer and you will see: feminism is for everybody."

- bell hooks, 'Feminism is for Everybody'